Our Core Values

Flourishing Families, originally Your Birth Experience™ (YBE), was created to empower families to create satisfying birth and parenting experiences, by combating myths with facts, using simple and effective training techniques and providing the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions and take action.

1.    EXTREME SELF-LOVE – Above all else, we believe we cannot give what we don’t have, whether it be respect, empathy, knowledge, experience or ultimately love. By prioritizing our own health in body, mind and spirit, we sharpen our most valuable tools for our clients and customers: ourselves.

2.   LOVE FOR PEOPLE – If we love somebody, then we will treat them with respect and will unselfishly give of our time, energy and resources. People matter, and when we focus on the person, rather than the product or business, we are able to go above and beyond in customer service and be better equipped when faced with difficult decisions, whether personal or professional.

3.    BIRTH MATTERS – While not every person chooses to be a parent or chooses biological childbirth as a path to parenthood, no person exists without having been created by two parents and entering life through the journey of childbirth. We hold this rite of passage as sacred, regardless of the method or mode in which it occurs and seek to support, protect, and celebrate that journey, whatever it may look like for each individual.

4.    KNOWLEDGE FOR ALL – As professionals who possess wisdom our clients may not yet have, we do not believe this gives us power or superiority. We believe in extreme equality in terms of knowledge and empowerment. Every individual has a right to any and all accurate information and resources that would enable them to make informed decisions and take actions that serve their core beliefs and desires. Knowledge brings power and healing and we aim to be conduits of knowledge and so empower others to the degree they wish to grow and know.

5.    PERSONAL GROWTH AND LEARNING – We believe leaders are learners and our greatest responsibility to others and ourselves is to never stop learning or growing. We achieve this in our commitments to continuing education and ongoing efforts to minimize our weaknesses and maximize our strengths through both academic and emotional intelligences. We value variety in learning and understand information can come from professional organizations, our peers, our clients and various life experiences and challenges, as well as spiritual resources. We owe no loyalties other than a collective loyalty to continually strive to better ourselves and in doing so, we continue to raise our collective awareness and success.

6.    FACTS OVER FACTIONS – Flourishing Families as a curriculum and a company has no opinion on moral issues or social matters including, but not limited to: politics, race, religion, sexual orientation, family structure, lifestyle choices, gender equality, family planning methods, vaccinations, circumcision, baby feeding options, childbirth methods, infant sleep training, childrearing methods, models of medical care, unassisted childbirth. We remain neutral so that professionals using our curriculum can bring value to a wide variety of communities and individuals. While Flourishing Families Professionals may have opinions or programs that support various mindsets and paradigms, Flourishing Families itself remains neutral and unbiased. Outside of our commitment to provide factual, unbiased information about rights and options to parents who desire to create a satisfying birth and parenting experience, the above are non-issues for Flourishing Families with regards to right or wrong, good or bad. We exist solely to accomplish the goals set forth in our vision statement: to empower families to create satisfying birth and parenting experiences, by combatting myths with facts, using simple and effective training techniques and providing the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions and take action. We neither promote nor criticize any parent’s choices for their own body, mind, and child. As much as possible, Flourishing Families aims to present unbiased facts about biological childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery and newborn care, including any and all options available to parents as well as risks and benefits so parents can embrace their own autonomy to practice informed consent, refusal and empowered decision-making in all situations.

Meet The Owners

Lindsey Taylor and Laura Parsons embarked together on this journey to transition what was formerly Your Birth Experience™ to Flourishing Families.

Meet Lindsey Taylor

Lindsey serves people who are looking for something more…more support, more resources, more knowledge, more understanding. She shows others how to turn their pregnancy into a time of joy starting with pregnancy and guiding them all the way through returning to work.

Returning to work adjustments do not just affect a new mom. Another key component to her work is helping corporations retain young talent by establishing family centered environments.

When she’s not reminding mothers that they are enough and watching fathers become capeless superheroes, she can be found soaking up the chaos of motherhood. A blended family, four children, a husband, a home, and every inch of the beautiful mess that comes with it all!

Meet Laura Parsons


Laura strives to provide comfort and reassurance to those in her life, especially those trying to start a family. A one-time surrogate and mom of two, she understands the pressure of starting a family, preparing for the birth, and adjusting to a new normal postpartum. 

With a background in digital marketing, she is able to combine her passion and skills to support new families on their journey to becoming a family, no matter how that path happens!

In her spare time she can be found camping, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors. 


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